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In today's professional world, apart from daily business, appointments, timely payments and time pressure, we often forget the most important thing about our work: our fellow men and ourselves, of course!

We often communicate without first thinking about what has been said and what it can trigger in others.

We often have discrepancies in our team, but we do not know how to solve them.

Often we don't see or even recognize our own untapped potential.

In order to understand and improve all these things and many more, I look with you for the different processes and collaboration in your team, as well as your competencies and how to deepen and expand them.

You‘ll benefit from an improved atmosphere in the team and at, the very least, the atmosphere within yourself.



New goals create new challenges

After more than 12 years of work experience in a prestigious American bank, I have been working intensively for many years on the everyday problems of working in groups.

Since we spend nearly two-thirds of our lives in our job, I have made it my mission to help you experience these two-thirds of your life in a more satisfied and efficient manner.

Focusing on team collaboration and soft skills, I`ll bring light to the darkness of the group processes.

Because good cooperation promotes the commitment of each and every individual.



Individual assistance for your team


Beginnings are difficult

For a young team, getting to know each other comes first. Discover the resources of others, build trust, identify with the group and set goals. These are the first important steps of a new team.

And it is not just for young teams that trusting colleagues is very important.

I'll help you on your way to being part of, or leading, a high performance team!


We can do better !

Established teams often feel unbeatable. Everyone knows their resources and those of others. The team has settled into the ebb and flow of the respective roles and is strong in terms of communication. Everything is ok, and the team delivers on time.

Is that really your team? Are there not a few inconsistencies to different points where you have to work together?

Knowledge is the first step to new perspectives and I support you!


What makes us unique?

We know exactly what we have to do in our job and in our private lives. But is that enough? Or could I do more for my development both personally and professionally?

Important aspects such as communication, self-management, resource awareness and much more besides are often too scarce in our lives.

Explore together what else is in you and in your team.

Look beneath the tip of the iceberg!



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+352 26 910 910

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